Tuesday, May 18, 2004


There's this dude that works on my floor in a tiny cubicle. I swear he's Milton from Office Space.

I rememeber creeping down that aisle one day and I noticed a heavy-set guy shuffling around in his cubicle. It may have been my imagination but I coulda sworn he was mumbling to himself too. I also noticed the dude had an ancient workstation, a circa 1995 shitty PC-AT clone, and an old skool 14" monitor. I remember thinking... daym, that guy's got it rough. They need to buy him a new monitor. I mean shit... I've got a 20" LCD on my desk as do most others.

Being the nerd I am, I started taking a different route to the break room or restroom just to find out more about this dude's Mitonesque throwback setup. Usually I saw the same shit, Milton banging away on that XT keyboard as he squinted into the monitor inches away from his eyes.

But today.. he was away but left his monitor on unprotected. I was shocked when I saw what OS he was running: Windows 3.1. HAHAHA. What the fuck? What the hell could he possibly be doing with a workstation and OS over ten years old??

I'm determined to find out.