Saturday, May 15, 2004

The Problem With Looking Young the beer takes longer to arrive.

Last night wifey and I went to Hooters to indulge in our favorite gourmet delicacy, wings (nekkid 911 please) and pitchers of Heineken. For those who believe the buxom scantily dressed waitresses are the best thing on the menu, they arent (close though). It's the wings fool!! I still get shocked when I see these ignorant Californians order chicken salad or burgers in there. Learn your Hooters history.. the place is for wings, beer, and tigolebitties. You'll rarely see anyone in Texas or Florida ordering that in a Hooters down there, while here in SF it's what the majority orders.

Anyways.. back to my story. We take our seats and proceed to order a pitcher. The waitress checks our ID's and bounces off to fetch the beer. A couple minutes later she returns and says she needs to borrow my ID again. I'm thinking damn I could really use that beer sooner rather than later.. but hey, this has happened before. It's the curse of looking half my age. It's a compliment. About 10 minutes pass, still no Heiney. I see the manager behind the bar showing my ID to several of his assistant manager hoohies. They try to conceal their heavy physical examination of me. I stare back and give them my gimmemyfuckingbeer look, with a smile of course. They don't get the message. I'm getting very impatient and thirsty. I tell the waitress I want to have a word with her lame ass manager. I even flash her my old Texas ID. She apologizes profusely and explains it's her first day and she's stressed yada yada yada. And what does that have to do with my beer, woman?? She trots off again.. Argh. Finally, after much heated debate they decide that my ID is in fact legit and the waitress returns with the damn pitcher. Now that's the longest I've ever had to wait for some beer...

It's all good. The whole fiasco didn't put a damper on the rest of the evening. Why should it? After all, it _was_ a compliment. ;-)

It did bother me, however, that that pussy-ass manager didn't have the nuts to come over and talk to me. Fuckin' faggot.