Monday, May 17, 2004

Man of no Leisure

Feeling a little down...

I'll be the first to admit I haven't been living up to the title of this blog, or more precisely, my self-proclaimed title: a man of leisure. Frankly, other than the solitary night out each week, there simply is no time for leisure. I'd kill to be able to trade in these textbooks for a remote control and a couch. Or how about these mission-critical work projects for a case of Red Hook and a little sack of weed. I'm consumed by minor things like my gradual indifference towards career advancement and the burden of trying to buy a home is this exorbitantly priced city. My sleeping schedule (or should I say lack thereof) and fear of exercise is fucking with my health. I don't even know if the severe allergies and the vertigo is a cause or result of all this. Who knows. But one thing's for sure: all these factors comprise this vicious neverending cycle that is currently my life.

I just have to remind myself everything will work out and that my fretting is unnecessary. If anything, it's harmful.

Despite the mountain of issues that lay before me, in the back of my mind I know things will get better soon. These two courses are winding up. The projects at work will be accomplished well beyond the satisfaction of the bigwigs (isn't it always?). Financially, things are looking up. Loans are just a few months from being paid off. I have been accumulating more cash than before when I was going out every night. Finally, this cloud of health problems is beginning to lift. I can feel it.

There's light at the end of the tunnel... Repeat after me: You're almost finished... stay strong.